Researching and Exploring Courses

Attending Career Expo’s and Higher Options events should not be left until students are in their final leaving certificate year. Attending these events  while students are more concerned with study and points,  leaves very little time for follow up research.

Leaving Cert students do not always have time to investigate the myriad of courses available, as they are concerned with working towards a points race.

It has become very evident to me that the skill of research is not embraced by second level students. The attraction to ‘The Headline Course or the Popular College’ is gaining huge traction. Quality research needs to start after Junior Cert. This research is not necessarily geared towards a Job or a Career, but rather focused on finding a course to study which will engage and interest each student, and provide an opportunity for the student to contribute to their own learning. That course may be a P.L.C. course or an Apprenticeship Course or a Third Level Course.

Exploring course opportunities is not just about the end goal. This is a fabulous learning journey which can be enjoyed.

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