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This Year Will Be Different.

This Year Will Be Different.

Now that January is behind us, and we are officially enjoying the new year, it is time to address those resolutions which were made during the past weeks of rest and recuperation. It is time to action that decision - THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. It is important to make a plan, and set achievable … Continue reading This Year Will Be Different.

Manners Matter – Especially in Business

You may not think that good manners matter in the modern - Fast paced - Ruthless - Survival of the fittest, world of business.  Good manners in business is an indication that this is a professional organisation which treats both staff and customers with respect. "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot."  … Continue reading Manners Matter – Especially in Business

Career and Education Coaching for Parents of Leaving Cert Students.

Working as a Career Coach, I have spent many years coaching Pre-Leaving Certificate students, who are searching for the ‘Perfect Course’ which will lead to the ‘Perfect Career’. Thinking about possible career options and course choices begin when we are children. What do I want to do when I grow up? The greatest influences on … Continue reading Career and Education Coaching for Parents of Leaving Cert Students.