Leaving Certificate Students – Decisions to be made.

Many leaving certificate students are currently focused on studies which will lead you to the next stage of your education. If the Leaving Certificate Exam goes ahead, you will complete your studies and give the exams your best shot. You can only do your best – That is all you can ask of yourself  –  Your best efforts. If another scheme is introduced like predicted grades, then you will deal with that too. We can only deal with what is in front of us. We cannot take on board the issues which we do not have the power to control. We decide to do the best we can, with the challenges we face. Nothing more is expected.

On a practical note, now is a good time to revisit your CAO choices. https://www.cao.ie/ Perhaps the current pandemic has made you rethink your choices. Have you considered applying for a Further Education Post Leaving Cert Course – PLC Course. http://www.plccourses.ie/ If there was ever a time to choose your next education opportunity based on your interests, your abilities and your skill set, it is now. No point in second guessing the system. Look at your favorite subjects, your interests and your hobbies. What do you enjoy doing? Has your part time job or your extracurricular activities sparked an interest for you? What subjects do you excel in? Do you enjoy those subjects? Combine a list based on these criteria and revisit your CAO and PLC applications to see if you have really chosen courses which reflect your personality, your ability and your skills. Check out the following sites. https://www.qualifax.ie/ https://careersportal.ie/

Life is unpredictable. Unfortunately it can be very short for some, and we do not know what is around the next corner. Pick a course that speaks to you. In order to do this, you must know who you are. What are your likes and your dislikes? What are you good at? What are you great at? What motivates you? What can you bring to a specific course? What is your learning style? Pick a taster PLC course to learn more about the course work. Work on that these questions and a picture will emerge, which will assist you to make better choices.

The second practical task at hand is to complete your SUSI application. https://susi.ie/ All bets are off in the current climate. Perhaps you may not have been eligible for a grant based on relevant income for 2019, but current circumstances will be addressed in the 2020 applications. If in doubt, go the SUSI website, read the criteria and apply anyway. No guarantees, but more people than ever will be eligible this year. Gather the relevant paperwork now and start your application.

Take courage from the fact that we are all capable people and that most us of us are at our best, when challenged.

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