Many Job Applications – Not enough Interviews

Have you ever wondered why you did not get called to interview for that job – the one you really liked?

When creating a CV for a specific job application, it is important to remember that this CV will not get you the job. Your CV is a tool to get you shortlisted for interview.

Do you complete a forensic review of the Job Specification and match it to your CV?

Do you send off the same CV for numerous jobs?

Does your Cover letter compliment your CV, or does it repeat the same message for each job?

Do you complete research on the hiring company at this stage, or will you wait until you get called (or not) for interview?

Have you ever looked at a Job Specification and decided not to apply, because you thought you did not have enough qualifications or experience for the advertised job? Then you discovered that people with similar backgrounds to you were appointed to the position. Recognising your ability to do the job is vital. Underselling yourself is not an option.

At Career Coaching Matters, we show you how to create a CV and Cover Letter specific to each application.

More importantly, we look at your suitability for the jobs you are applying for and show you how to assess this for future applications.

CV Tips and CV Review available at Career Coaching Matters.   Contact:       

June 2019.


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