Prepare for Interview

Preparation for every interview is essential, if a candidate wishes to convince the interviewers they they are the right person for the job. Many interview questions can be anticipated, and candidates will score low points where lack of preparation for obvious questions is apparent.

Tell me about yourself?                                                                                            

  • One of the few interview questions that can be well prepared, can be cohesive, and can clearly indicate your suitability to the job –                         
  • And yet – The answer to this opening interview question is often lacking in clarity, badly prepared and shows little or no connection between the candidates past experience and their suitability for the role.       

Interview Questions that should be anticipated.                                                   

  • Strengths  – Areas for Development (Weaknesses)                                                                
  • What can you bring to the job – To the organisation?                                           
  • Why do you believe that you are the right person for the job?                         
  • What do you know about the position?                                                                       
  • What do you know about the organisation?

Competency Questions.                                                                                                  

  • Answers should be planned using the STAR model.
  • Examples – Evidence – Scenarios – Outlining ability – Competence – Actions -Application of knowledge.  
  • And most important – Demonstrating that you have learned from your experiences.                   


The above points represent a few of the areas that you can prepare for and plan for, in advance of your interview. To learn more about interview preparation, contact me at Career Coaching Matters.    Email:



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