The Interview Process – What went Wrong?

  • You were absolutely thrilled to get invited to interview –
  • You researched the organisation – Googled the Website –
  • You read the latest news about the sector –
  • You studied the Job Specification again and aligned it with your CV –
  • You practised the expected interview questions –
  • You got to grips with competency interview questions –
  • You organised your smart professional outfit –
  • You checked out the interview location – Even did a test drive –
  • You turned up for the interview well prepared and in good time –

You didn’t have to wait for the regret letter. 

  • Sitting in front of the interview panel, you knew something was wrong.
  • They were quite shocked when you approached the interview table to shake hands and say hello –
  • They did not introduce themselves –
  • They talked for 15 minutes out of your 20  minute allocation –
  • They just about asked you about yourself – Nobody took notes –
  • They didn’t ask you about your experience, qualifications and fit for the job –
  • They didn’t even ask you the ‘creative off the wall question’ –
  • They talked, laughed and joked among themselves –
  • You got a sense that they were not listening –
  • The interview came to an abrupt ending or just filtered out –

Learn to Manage the Interview Process

  • Question: Who must prepare for interview?
  • Answer:   The interview candidate and the interviewers.


As an interview candidate, you must learn to manage your performance as well as the interview process in the event that interviewer is not expert in the field of interviewing. Don’t judge them, they may be your future employer. They are expert in other fields, so help them, to see what benefit you can bring to their organisation.

As an interviewer, your responsibility is to hire the candidate who can solve specific problems in your organisation – who can add value. In order to see a candidate at their best, set them up to succeed at interview, give them an opportunity to shine.

Next Steps

  • Would you like to perform better at Interviews?
  • This question applies to the both the candidate and the interviewer.

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