Career Coaching Matters provides Career Coaching using psychometric assessment, facilitating you to find your true training path and career route. We encourage you to focus on your natural strengths and use them to identify your training/career direction. We aim to empower you within your working life.

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Career Coaching Matters provides Career Coaching for Students - Second Level -


                    Curriculum Vitae - Cover Letters - Interview Skills - Application forms - C.A.O. application.

                   Decision making skills, Building confidence, Learn to recognise your skills and showcase your talents.


Students. Second Level.

Were you looking for a Summer job or a part time job for weekends? How many CV's did you send out?

Did you call into loads of shops, offices, pubs, coffee shops and hotels?   


Does the phrase " YOU DON'T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE" sound familiar?                                                                                                             Or the phrase, " WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF C.V.'s. WE ARE NOT HIRING"       


Angela at Career Coaching Matters can help you build a CV that showcases your talents, your skills and your achievements to date. Angela can help you write a cover letter that will get your CV noticed. She can help you develop methods for going after part time jobs, for looking for work experience to put on your CV.  


Most students have many skills and qualities that would be an asset in the right company. But getting your messgae accross to employers requires confidence, self awaremess, enthusiasm and a dertermined plan of action. The road to gaining work experience, a successful college education, further learning and training and ultimately a job that you enjoy and can excel in , starts now.  Contact Angela now to learn how to create a realistic CV and how build strategies for job hunting.


Are you wondering about choosing subjects for your Leaving Cert? Are you feeling under pressure in case wrong choices cause problems for future college courses?

Does the thought of completing the C.A.O. cause you stress?  Does the thought of having to pay for 1st year in Third Level  - TWICE - fill your parents with dread, because the course you are doing is not the right one for you?


Contact Angela at Career Coaching Matters now to find out how you can develop your confidence and self awareness and learn how to make better decisons. We use psychometric assessment for Values, Interests, Personality and Skills. This assessement also run 6 tests providing insight into apptitudes and abilities. abstract, mechanical and spatial reasoning, a checking test, numerical and verbal reasoning.







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 "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."   

 Maria Robinson